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  1. Video Editing and Post Production Services
  2. Set Design, Lighting
  3. DRONE



To offer integrated digital production and post-production services. To provide quality production value in all areas of broadcast including film, video, audio and computer graphics. We provide turn-key solutions for everything from television commercials to corporate videos to training and marketing CD's and DVD's. Also CD and DVD replication. Web Design, Networking Solutions, Graphic Design, and much more!  


To PROVIDE A QUALITY production service and EXCEPTIONAL customer experience.  

To ENABLE client’s dreams to be visualized and realized.  

Elyon Media Group LLC
Dream.  Imagine.  Believe.

Elyon Media is a Veteran founded, Texas-based, multi-media production studio serving clients nationally and internationally, both corporate and not for profit.

We put the power of multi-media behind your vision to make YOUR dreams a reality for your employees, partners, analysts, and your customers. Giving Yahuah the glory for the talents He has given us!

A full-service, professional video production and design company that can help guide a client from concept and script-writing to shooting, editing, webcasting and duplication for distribution. Whether you are looking for Industrial, Broadcast Standard or High Definition, we can help you with projects for local, regional and national distribution.  Not all production companies are alike.  We pride ourselves on integrity and high standards we put in all our work. The projects we produce will be the ones you’ll be proud to have represent your company and your clients. Elyon Media will assemble a team of video professionals for your production. We bring years of collective experience in production, management, writing, videography, sound, graphics and post-production. We keep the production sharply focused on your goals and messages.  We are guided by those goals, by your budget, and by the production experience we bring to the project.  We work on long-term projects, last-minute emergencies and everything in-between.

If you are already a client, THANK YOU!  Our aim, through your continued work relationship with our organization, is to have a direct, positive impact on the quality of business and presentation.  We have been honored to work with you.

You will find our customer support team knowledgeable and personally responsible in their service to your project. 

If you're not a client, isn't it about time you joined us?  You owe it to yourself, to your business, and to your clients to have the best presentation for the best investment.  You'll be glad you did!


Elyon Media members have participated in 
Feature Films
Educational Narratives
Educational Documentaries
Charity and Non Profit works
Production and Development of curriculum for Children/ Teen Camps
Website Design for Ministries
Casting for Disney
PSA (Public Service Announcements) Commercials
Graphic Design and Illustrations
Over 50 years of collective volunteer/mission experience
Script writing for Television and Feature Film
Music Recording and Audio Engineering
3D animation 
10 years of education experience (primary and secondary level)
20 years of collective editing and production experience
Over 20 years of Performing Arts experience (Stage Choreography, Play writing)

For we know that by the works of our hand a workman need not be ashamed. If your company or non profit has visual or marketing needs please consider Elyon Media as your resource to support our ministry. Please visit the rest of our website to view our list of our services.